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Hi, I'm Tammy Norman. For nearly two decades, I've dedicated my life to the health, wellness, and education industry. My journey began with teaching bootcamps and has since expanded to conducting workshops, classes, and medical esthetics procedures, impacting over 10,000 clients. My passion lies in the transformative power of yoga and wellness practices.

Tammy Norman Yoga


At Healthy by Tammy, our mission is clear: to offer a science-based, inclusive approach to wellness. We believe in making yoga and wellness accessible to everyone, irrespective of their background. This means no chants or religious affiliations in our classes, workshops, and programs. We communicate in simple, everyday English, ensuring that you never feel lost, regardless of your experience level.

Our class sizes are intentionally kept small, resembling the personalized attention of a personal trainer but without the hefty price tag. We're not just about physical postures; we're about embarking on an exciting journey of health that begins with a desire for improvement and evolves into a path of endless self-discovery and growth.


Every individual who joins our community is valued deeply. We're committed to helping you de-stress and achieve your wellness goals, creating a healthier, more balanced life for each of our clients.

Gift yourself, or your loved ones, a chance to a healthier life.

My Approach

I specialize in three distinct styles of yoga: power yoga, mobility/functional flexibility training, and trapeze yoga. These disciplines, combined with effective yoga breathing techniques, have been instrumental in helping my clients reduce stress, balance hormones, lower blood pressure, and achieve functional mobility. My approach is deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the human body, enabling me to guide clients towards unlocking strength, flexibility, and balance they never knew they possessed.

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