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Trapeze Yoga
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How are we different

How We are Different

We take a Science Based approach to all Classes, Workshops and Programs. There are NO chants or religious affiliations, so ALL people feel welcome and comfortable. We speak in easy to understand regular english (not in  pose names), so you will never feel lost in any class. Class sizes are small so you get the attention of a personal trainer, without the cost.


Hi, my name is Tammy Norman, I have worked in the Health, Wellness and Education industry for almost 2 decades now teaching bootcamps, workshops and classes, and performing medical esthetics procedures on over 10,000 clients.


I help clients reduce stress, balance their hormones, reduce their blood pressure, build lean muscle, gain functional mobility and get out of pain. I teach 3 styles of yoga: power yoga, mobility / functional flexibility training, and trapeze yoga styles along with yoga breathing techniques to help reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety.


Using my extensive understanding of the human body, I aim to bring ease and mobility to your body, giving you added strength, flexibility and balance you never knew you had. I think of the road to health as an exciting journey — it all starts with a desire for better, and expands into a never-ending path of self discovery and growth.


I value each and every person who joins one of my classes, workshops or programs, and I look forward to helping you de-stress and achieve your wellness goals.

Gratitude & Happiness Journal

Just Released On Amazon!

In it you will find:

  • A Year at a Glance Planner

  • Habit Tracker - setting up healthy habits will contribute to your success, fulfillment and happiness

  • Morning Checklist - to start your day off right you need a plan

  • 52 Weeks of Gratitude - List the top 3 things you are grateful for today

  • 12 Monthly Fitness Calendars with goals and achievements - health & happiness can't exist without one another

  • Body Measurements Trackers, one for each month - what gets measured gets managed

  • Acts of Kindness Trackers - our sense of fulfillment increases when we are of service

  • Vacation Planners - plan your rest and relaxation or fun and travel time

  • Mood Tracker - track how your activities are affecting your mood and take action if you are off track

  • Reading Lists - which books are on your book list this year

  • Birthday Reminder - fill your love tank by celebrating birthdays with family and friends


About the Author - Tammy Norman has worked in health, wellness and teaching for nearly 2 decades. She has over 10,000 happy clients along the way. Her motto is "How can I positively contribute to society and help someone feel amazing today!" 

A note from the Author - "Please enjoy and make your year full of joy!"

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  • 30 Minutes Zoom Call

    30 min

  • Valid up to 3 mo All fitness levels welcome! Live on Zoom

    1 hr

  • Relieve Stress, Boost Digestion, Improve Sleep, Balance Mood, Focus


    149 Canadian dollars
  • How to Get out of Pain and Help Prevent a Hip Replacement Early-bird P...


    49.95 Canadian dollars
  • Get your body back to it's pre-pregnancy state, or even better!


    199 Canadian dollars
  • Lengthen & Strengthen No experience needed! Nutrition & Supplement Inf...

    Started Sep 4

    199 Canadian dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Targeted Mobility Unlock hips, back, hamstrings 1 mo. training series...

    Started Sep 4

    199 Canadian dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Pull Motion Strength, Decompression All fitness levels! Live on Zoom ...

    Started Sep 6

    199 Canadian dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Lengthen & Strengthen No experience needed! Nutrition & Supplement Inf...

    Started Sep 4

    199 Canadian dollars

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To request Private Training or a Private Small Group Class click here:





Upcoming Events, Workshops, Programs and Classes:

  • Bootcamp Yoga

  • Targeted Mobility Training - Science of Stretching / Gravity Yoga

  • Suspension Yoga Series (Trapeze) (for all fitness levels, especially those with injuries)

  • Private and Group Yoga Classes (Power, Flow, Flexibility, Balance, Stress Management)

  • Calming Anxiety Series

  • Get Your Sexy Back - How to Beat Peri-Menopause and Beyond! Program to lose mumtum, backfat, love handles, gain energy, mobility, flexibility, confidence, live pain free, bye bye cellulite, and get your SEXY Back!!

  • Happy Hips - Living Pain-Free Workshop

  • Happy Hips - Hip Opening Series

  • Hamstring Freedom Series

  • Happy Back Series

Get Your Sexy Back, How to Glow Through Peri Menopause & Beyond

Register Now For:

Get Your Sexy Back -

How to GLOW Through

Peri-Menopause & Beyond

This is my Signature Program to lose your mum-tum, backfat, love handles, gain energy, mobility, flexibility, confidence, live pain free, bye bye cellulite, and get your SEXY Back!!

Like many other women I’m sure, perimenopause hit me hard. I suffered through fibroids, a hysterectomy, scar tissue, mid section fluff not to mention to growing love handles and the newfound back fat! WTF! I was tired, and moving like a tin man,  my shoulders were tight and my hips were painfully locked up.


I started to wonder “am I doomed to middle age” ? Then I decided to do a complete transformation before my 50th birthday!!! 


I drew from my years of experience in medical esthetics, bootcamp, pole fitness, nutrition, NLP, hypnosis and now power yoga, trapeze yoga, science of stretching, breathwork and more and put together a signature program,


Get Your Sexy Back:

How to GLOW Through Perimenopause & Beyond!


In it I detail all the steps I took to go from the fluffy, stressed out, tin man I was, to the pain free, flexible, slim, toned, calm yet energy filled woman I am today.


Was it easy, heck no!


Was it fun, hell yeah!


Was it a lot of work, well of course, nothing good comes easy!


This is a body, mind, and looks Transformation!



Book a consultation to see if this program is right for you!

My focus is on natural health, beauty, strength, flexibility, mobility, wellness and vibrancy!

 This is an 12 week



results proven program !  

Book a consultation to see if you qualify!

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  • Grow Your Own Food, Grow a Healthier You

  • Same Aeroponics Used by Nasa

  • 30% More Yield, 3x Faster

  • Nutrient Loaded Produce Without Alot of Work

  • Pay upfront OR in 12 easy pmts


Support Your
Healthy Lifestyle
with a
Tower Garden

  • Use 90% Less Water and Space

  • Healthier Food, Pesticide Free

  • Nutrient Loaded Produce Without Alot of Work

  • Grow Indoors All Winter!


Yoga at Home
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