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Embrace a Healthier You with Tammy!

Personalized Yoga and Wellness Programs Tailored for You!

Join Tammy Norman at Healthy by Tammy for a transformative yoga experience. With a science-based, inclusive approach, our classes cater to everyone, focusing on reducing stress and enhancing well-being. Benefit from Tammy's two decades of expertise in power yoga, mobility training, and trapeze yoga. Our small class sizes ensure personalized guidance, helping you unlock new levels of strength, flexibility, and health. Start your journey to wellness and self-discovery with us in 2024.

Trapeze Yoga
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Tammy Norman: Empowering PeriMenopause

Get Your Sexy Back

How to GLOW Through Peri-Menopause & Beyond

This is my Signature Program to lose your mum-tum, back-fat, love handles, gain energy, mobility, flexibility, confidence, live pain free, bye bye cellulite, and get your SEXY Back!

Like many other women I’m sure, perimenopause hit me hard. I suffered through fibroids, a hysterectomy, scar tissue, mid section fluff not to mention to growing love handles and the newfound back fat! WTF! I was tired, and moving like a tin man, my shoulders were tight and my hips were painfully locked up.


I started to wonder "am I doomed to middle age"? Then I decided to do a complete transformation before my 50th birthday!


I drew from my years of experience in medical esthetics, bootcamp, pole fitness, nutrition, NLP, hypnosis and now power yoga, trapeze yoga, science of stretching, breathwork and more and put together a signature program.


Get Your Sexy Back: How to GLOW Through Perimenopause & Beyond!


In it, I detail all the steps I took to go from the fluffy, stressed out, tin man I was, to the pain free, flexible, slim, toned, calm yet energy filled woman I am today.


Was it easy, heck no!


Was it fun, hell yeah!


Was it a lot of work, well of course, nothing good comes easy!


This is a body, mind, and looks Transformation!

Book a consultation to see if this program is right for you!

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